Roses in Vineyards

Have you ever wondered why people planted roses in vineyards?

The practice of planting roses in vineyards has a long tradition and can be found in many wine regions around the world. There are several reasons why roses are planted in vineyards:
1. Early warning system for diseases: Roses are susceptible to certain fungal diseases, especially powdery mildew. By planting roses near the vines, winemakers can detect early signs of diseases. Roses often show symptoms of fungal infestation, such as spots or discolouration on their leaves, before the vines are affected. This allows the winemakers to take preventive measures against the diseases and manage the use of pesticides more effectively.
2. Soil indicator: Roses have similar soil requirements as grapevines. If the roses thrive and look healthy near the vines, it indicates that the soil is suitable for viticulture. However, if the roses struggle to grow or show signs of nutrient deficiency or other problems, it may indicate soil issues that could potentially affect the health of the vines.
3. Beauty and aesthetics: Roses are also popular for their beauty and decorative effect. They add visual attractiveness to the vineyards, especially when they bloom with colorful flowers. The combination of grapevines and roses creates a picturesque environment and can also attract tourists.
It's important to note that not all wineries have roses in their vineyards. The practice is more traditional and not followed by all winemakers. In some cases, alternative plants or other methods of disease monitoring and soil analysis may be used. The use of roses in vineyards ultimately depends on the individual choices of the winemakers, based on their experiences and preferences.
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Rosen im Weinberg

Photo: Roses in Vineyards at Sta. Eugenia (Photo: MCT)

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