Indigenous varieties of Mallorca – the Callet grape

The Callet grape - Indigenous variety of Mallorca

The Callet grape is an indigenous variety that is native to the Spanish island of Mallorca. It is believed to have been cultivated on the island for centuries. The exact origin of the variety is not fully known. It is thought to have resulted from the crossing of different local varieties.
Callet is a red variety, and its color can vary depending on the degree of ripeness and the growing environment. The grapes can display green-violet tones during maturation, which evolve into a red-blue spectrum over time.
The grape thrives best in the eastern regions of Mallorca. And there particularly between Porreres, Manacor, and Felanitx. The specific soil conditions and climate in this region provide optimal growing conditions for Callet and positively influence the taste, aromas, and structure of the wines produced from it.
Callet is often used as the main component in blends, along with other indigenous varieties such as Manto Negro and Fogoneu, to create complex and expressive wines. In recent years, some winemakers have also chosen to produce single-varietal Callet wines to highlight the uniqueness of this indigenous grape variety. Because Callet contributes to the diversity and quality of wines produced on the island it plays a significant role in the Mallorcan wine industry.
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Callet grape

Photo: An overload unripe Callet grape in Vineyards at Porreres (Photo: MCT)

Callet grape

Photo: The Callet grape in Vineyards at Felanitx (Photo: MCT)

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